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Nothing is More Precious Than Independence and Freedom!

Introduced by Dai Trang Nguyen
May 2020, Toronto, Canada
ISBN: 978-0-9866079-9-8 (e-book)

Book Description: This book is a collection of 25 songs/poems about President Ho Chi Minh written by artists around the world (Chile, England, Russia, the United States, Venezuela, and Vietnam), and features monuments, plaques and memorabilia of Ho Chi Minh in more than 20 countries.

HO CHI MINH: Selected Works on Peace, Democracy and Gender Equality

Introduced by Dai Trang Nguyen
August 2018, Toronto, Canada
Pages: 231
ISBN: 978-0-9866079-3-6

Book Description: This book includes details from the Pentagon Papers about Ho Chi Minh to provide background context for a selection of his collected works on peace, democracy and gender equality. The selected works come from the Ho Chi Minh Collection, written in the original Vietnamese language from the Vietnam National Political Publishing House. This collection goes beyond the context of the wars in Vietnam to include Ho Chi Minh’s views on peace and national development. 

Also available in French and Vietnamese.

HO CHI MINH: Humanism and Development

Dai Trang Nguyen
May 2013, Toronto, Canada
Pages: 266
ISBN: 978-1-897160-82-4 (softcover)

Book Description: In this second book on Ho Chi Minh, a sequel to her Ho Chi Minh: The Heart and Mind of a Patriot, Dr. Dai Trang Nguyen offers us a broader and intriguing perspective on Ho Chi Minh and issues related to his underlying values and nation building, including how he approached the challenges of unification, national independence, and various aspects of economic and social development. UNESCO recognized Ho Chi Minh as “a Vietnamese hero of national liberation and a great man of culture.” Dr. Nguyen reveals details of Ho Chi Minh’s life and work that authenticate UNESCO’s recognition and demonstrates his humanism.

HO CHI MINH: The Heart and Minh of a Patriot

Dai Trang Nguyen
May 2010, Toronto, Canada
Pages: 151
ISBN: 978-0-986679-0-5

Book Description: The Vietnamese believe that the heart is three times more important than the mind, as said in poet Nguyễn Du’s The Tale of Kiều. In this book, author Dai Trang Nguyen presents the human side of her understanding of Ho Chi Minh. Using his life and thought as a backdrop, Dr. Nguyen highlights the need to improve cross-cultural dialogue as a vital component of conflict resolution in international relations. The relevance of the legacy of this outstanding revolutionary leader in the development of modern Vietnam – as well as much of the developing world – is analyzed with extensive new research and large doses of humanity in a thoughtful, highly inspirational new work.