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1930 – 1945

In 1930, Ho Chi Minh established the Vietnamese Communist Party (February 3) and Vietnam Women’s Union (October 20).

Photo: Báo Mới

In June 1931, Ho Chi Minh was arrested in Hong Kong by Hong Kong police at France’s request; released in 1932.

Photo: Ho Chi Minh disguised as a wealthy Chinese merchant to board a ship to Vladivostok to avoid attempted arrest by France, then to Moscow.

Photo: Tin tức

In 1940, France surrendered Japan in Indochina.

On January 28, 1941, Ho Chi Minh returned to Vietnam after 30 years overseas.

Photo: Báo Mới

Pac Bo cave where Ho Chi Minh stayed from February 8 to end of March, 1941.

Visit the virtual site Pac Bo cave.

Photo: Báo Mới

On May 19, 1941, Ho Chi Minh formed Viet Minh, Vietnam’s independence movement.

Photo: Declaration of Viet Minh, National Museum of History

In August 1942, Ho Chi Minh crossed the border into China and was arrested by Chinese Nationalists of Chiang Kai-shek; released in September 1943. During this time, he wrote The Diary Prison Poem Collection.

Photo: NXB Văn học

From late 1944 to early 1945, 2 million Vietnamese people died of starvation due to French and Japanese exploitation.

On December 22, 1944, Ho Chi Minh passed the instructions to establish Vietnam Propaganda Liberation Army.

Photo: Báo Mới

Photo taken with the United States OSS Deer Team (precursor of the CIA) in Tan Trao, August 1945.

Read more: The OSS and Ho Chi Minh, University Press of Kansas

Visit the virtual site Tan Trao.


Following the successful August Revolution (August 19), overthrowing French colonialists and Japanese fascists, Ho Chi Minh read Vietnam’s declaration of independence on September 2, 1945 at the Ba Dinh Square in Ha Noi as President of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

Watch video with English subtitles.

Photo: Báo Mới

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