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1954 – 1969

President Ho Chi Minh received the delegates of French Peace Movement on March 15, 1955.

Photo: Báo Mới

The United States intervened in South Vietnam.

On July 6, 1956, President Ho Chi Minh launched an appeal to the Vietnamese people to unite in the struggle for reunification.

Photo: President Ho Chi Minh visited workers at Gia Lam train factory in 1956.

Photo: Báo Mới

In 1959, Ho Chi Minh established the Law of Marriage and Family to protect women’s equal rights.

Photo: Báo Mới

In 1960, Ho Chi Minh initiated Tree Planting New Year Festivals (Tết trồng cây), which became a people’s movement for environmental and economic benefits.

Photo: Báo Mới

In 1965, the United States escalated the military intervention in Vietnam using the Gulf of Tonkin incident.

On July 17, 1966, Ho Chi Minh read the appeal to the Vietnamese compatriots and soldiers to be determined to fight imperialism.

Photo: National History Museum

Ho Chi Minh passed away on September 2, 1969 in Ha Noi at the age of 79; national period of mourning from September 4 to 11.

Photo: Báo Mới

The last American troops withdrew on April 30, 1975. Vietnam was officially reunified in 1976; the Socialist Republic of Vietnam was established and continues to the present. In 1995, US-Vietnam relations was normalized.

Photo: Thời Đại

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