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The Poem of Claims of Vietnam, 1919

Ho Chi Minh wrote a Vietnamese poetic version of the eight-point petition in French language sent to the leaders of the participating countries at the Versailles Peace Conference, demanding civil rights for the Vietnamese people under French colonial rule.

Our History, 1942

Our History (Lịch sử nước ta) is a poem with 208 verses, hand written by Ho Chi Minh in late 1941 and published by Viet Minh in February 1942 in Cao Bang revolutionary base. The poem describes Vietnam’s four thousand years of history.

The Ten Policies of Viet Minh, 1941

The poem The Ten Policies of Viet Minh (Mười chính sách của Việt Minh) was written by Ho Chi Minh in 1941 to introduce Viet Minh’s policies widely to the Vietnamese people, in addition to regular writing formats.