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President Ho Chi Minh is known as the Founding Father of modern Vietnam and recognized as a “Vietnamese hero of national liberation and great man of culture” who made important contributions “in the fields of culture, education and the arts” by UNESCO (1987, p. 135). Around the world, there are monuments and memorabilia in 24 countries that are dedicated to Ho Chi Minh, and streets in eight nations which are named in his honour. There are 79 songs about Ho Chi Minh. Time magazine in 1999 included Ho Chi Minh on its list of the top 100 persons of the 20th century.

This website provides brief information on Ho Chi Minh’s life and work, and access to Ho Chi Minh Arts Virtual Museum, arts, photos, documentaries, sculptures, memorabilia, music, books and quotes about President Ho Chi Minh.


There are 79 songs about Ho Chi Minh, and this section features many of these songs.


This section features monuments and memorabilia that are dedicated to President Ho Chi Minh in 24 countries around the world.


You can watch documentaries on Ho Chi Minh in this sections, some with English subtitles.


This section features Ho Chi Minh’s quotes, excerpts, and poems.


These virtual museums and historical sites are available in Vietnamese language recording only, with limited English site names. You can visit virtual Ho Chi Minh Museum in Ha Noi Capital, Ho Chi Minh Museum-Da Nang City, and Ho Chi Minh Museum-Hue City, and historical sites of his hometown Kim Lien where he grew up, Dragon House Wharf where he left Vietnam in 1911, Pac Bo cave where he returned to Vietnam in 1941, and Tan Trao revolutionary cradle where he lived and worked 1941-1945.